About Evolve Analytics

Evolve Analytics was established in 1998 following the energy market deregulation in the U.K and currently works with 3 of the Big 6 energy suppliers in the UK, as well as a number of Challenger and Specialist Suppliers.


What We Do

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Evolve Analytics is a specialist in the Utilities sector, providing expert services and tailored software to analyse and correct industry data that has a direct impact on a utility supplier’s gross margin, both from a revenue and cost angle. 

We have developed software and methodologies, built upon detailed knowledge of the energy and water sectors, to deliver financial and operational performance benefits for utility suppliers. 

We can tailor our software, outsourcing solutions and data driven consulting services to focus on the task at hand, allowing sensitivity and flexibility to the ever changing needs and challenges of its clients. 

We carry out analysis at a meter point level built from the bottom-up to minimise inaccurate results related to the use of aggregated, profiled, averaged or estimated data. The life cycle of each meter point is tracked as data moves through the industry and the suppliers business. Where the supplier has only been provided with an aggregated view by the industry, our model uses industry data flows, standing data, methodologies and algorithms to replicate the meter point level view.  This methodology and level of attention to the detail, combined with statistical models and industry rules engine, allows us to identify and highlight error and insight used to optimise gross margin and recover cost.

Key Features

1. We offer clients a portfolio view of their Settlement & Billing position, built from the bottom up i.e. data is obtained at MPAN level

2. We also offer configurable rules, with weighted importance, which are applied to prioritise the Portfolio of MPANs .

3. Over 100 filters can be applied to segment the prioritised Portfolio into a subset of MPANs

4. MPAN view graphs history, has all relevant data & compares agent view and supply timeline for inconsistency – root cause

5. The workflow management tool, with KPIs, can also introduce resource efficiencies.

ISO Certifications


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 27001

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