DeltaQuest Software

DeltaQuest is a data process and assurance solution used by leading UK utility suppliers in both the gas and electricity sectors.


DeltaQuest Helps With The Following Challenges

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1. Revenue and Cost Assurance

Learn how to reduce revenue leakage.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Learn which meter points are non compliant as well as potential root causes.

3. Customer Data Assurance and Insight

Learn how to ensure your data management is not compromised via unsecure usage.


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4. Agent Data Assurance

See all of your data sources and data items side-by-side
making it easier to idenify errors.

5. Financial Reporting & Insight

Gain a much better understanding of your cash position based on DeltaQuest's ability to provide you with additional insights into your portfolio.

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6. Cost to Serve and Process Transformation

Don't rely on outdated methods to manage complex reports.

7. Meter Read and Meter Assurance

Close your settled versus billed gap caused by meter read misalignment.

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