Cost to Serve & Process Transformation

With DeltaQuest you get all of your exceptions on one MPAN reducing duplication of effort and your cost to serve.


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Key Benefits


1. Improved alignment between supply billing, MPAS (ECOES), DC, DA and MOP on the supply timeline including change of supplies and change of tenancies

2. Reduction in number of D0095 exceptions

3. Improved alignment between billing revenue and settlement costs

4. More efficient and effective prioritisation of misalignments by largest impact on the business and time to recover and therefore improved hit rate (investigated meter points resulting in business benefit as a percentage of all investigated meter points)

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Impact Dashboard


With DeltaQuest all of the exceptions are flagged against one meter point so that only one person works that meter point ideally from start to finish so you have the most efficient and effective recovery of cost and revenue possible.

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EA Data Management

DeltaQuest allows suppliers to remove the reliance on spreadsheets and databases. This reduces the risk of error that typically occurs due to problems like data leakage and version conflicts that often result.

Data can also be worked on without taking it out of the application, and a full data trail ensures that it is easy to audit your data when required.

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EA Exceptions Handling

Data can be bulk extracted and can be sent direct to the agent for updating. It helps to ensure that your agents are all in line and your settlement is back in place.

The automated approach makes the management of exceptions more efficient, all of which goes towards a reduced cost to serve.

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Vacant Management

Vacant properties can be incurring charges which can become unrecoverable over time. In addition you can be invoicing these properties and you can be building up a a false bad debt.

DeltaQuest allows you to identify potentially vacant sites and to analyze the root cause, the potential impact and the cost to the business targeting those properties.



Prioritising the ones to focus on leads to a more effective and efficient management of your portfolio saving time and money.
Alan Duggan, Managing Director of Evolve Analytics