Privacy Policy

At Evolve Analytics, we take your online privacy very seriously.

Any information you provide on this site, or any data that we collect as a result of your use of the site remains confidential. We reserve the right to collect non-personally identifiable information about our users primarily to analyse our traffic patterns and to personalise our service for individuals or groups of users. In this statement, we explain all of the ways in which we collect data on our users, and how we use that data.

We use information collected in log files to analyse the way our site is used, to administer the site, and gather information for aggregate use. We make no effort to identify IP addresses with individual users. We do not share this information with our clients, partners, or anyone else. We use "Analytical Cookies" on our site:


What is a Cookie

A cookie is a text file which a website installs on a user’s computer.  Each time the user views a page on the website after a cookie has been installed, the website will recognise the user.

Cookies can be used to remember a user’s preferences, to keep track of which pages they’ve visited, or in some cases, to store personal information about them.

You can disable cookies for this website or for all websites but it might impact the function of some websites.  You can find instructions on how to change your cookie settings at this website:


Analytical cookies

This site uses a service called Google Analytics, which makes use of cookies to generate statistical and other information about how people use the website.  The cookies required by this service are placed on your machine by Google. Although other sites you visit may also use Google Analytics, the information we gather is not linked to the information gathered on any other site.

We use the information we gather to identify and fix problems on the site as well as to offer more of the types of content that prove to be popular. The information Google Analytics collects is anonymous.  It includes information on how you found this site, which pages you looked at whilst you were here and for how long, what time of day your visit was, whether you have visited the site before and what area of the world you are in.

Although we have access to this information, we do not store it.  The information is stored by Google. Google’s privacy policy is available here:

Further information on our use of Google Analytics and assistance in disabling these Cookies can be found here: