Managed Service

Founded in 1998, the business originally developed bespoke software to analyse settlement data in the Gas & Electricity retail sector.

Evolve now manages settlement and billing data for over 10 million Electricity meter points and more than 40% of the Gas meter points that are subject to monthly reconciliation.  

Continuously monitoring the settlement performance, Evolve ensures its clients are paying accurate charges and has recovered over £300 million in settlement overcharges for its clients.  

Evolve applies its analytical tools to the industry balancing and settlement systems and metering functions, having worked with all of the major UK suppliers to correct millions of kWh’s of errors. 

Working with such a high volume of meter points since the market deregulated, for a variety of suppliers who each have different operational practices, Evolve has an unparalleled level of experience in the UK Energy sector. 

A shared success based commercial model incentives Evolve to scrutinise the performance of client portfolios for accuracy, if no errors are uncovered the service provides the ultimate independent operational data audit with no associated cost.

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