Free Data Quality Audit

How it Works - Gas and Electricity

Evolve Analytics will Format, Load and Cleanse all Industry (D-flows), Billing and Agent Data e.g. MPAS/Ecoes, MOP, MAM, DC & DA that can be supplied.

All data is not necessary, but the more provided the more comprehensive the report.

What the Data Audit Report Will Contain?

By way of an example, a completed Data Audit report can include:

- Volume and Value of Over Settlement recovery opportunity

- The Like-for-Like (removes timing difference) variance between Billing & Settlement

- Volume of MPANs incurring Settlement charges but not being Billed

- MPANs settling on an EAC within 90 days of RF and key route causes, for example:

         D10 (meter read) sent to DC with no response
         Recent consecutive D4s (failure to obtain read)

- Current volume of outstanding D95s, split by type

- Key data item mismatch between agents that have a negative impact on settlement e.g. DC/MOP/Billing/MPAS/DA having a different view of:

-Energisation Status


- Profile Class

Report for Gas Clients

A similar Gas focused report can be provided, however, the contents will change over the next few months as project Nexus goes live.

The Evolve Analytics team will meet with the Supplier team, prior to reviewing the data, to establish if there are any particular priorities or burning platforms that can be tackled up front. Specific requests other than the above can also be addressed.