Bespoke Software Development

Evolve is happy to discuss bespoke development required by our suppliers, including requests for Evolve’s settlements and correction software to integrate with existing supplier systems (e.g. CRM, Billing, Data Flow Manager, etc.) to further increase efficiency and to remove timing delays.

Leverage our Significant Experience in the UK Energy Market

Evolve’s product team understands the complexity of the UK energy market, how the data moves around to allocate consumption volume, to administer change and to ensure regulatory compliance.  

Crucially, Evolve is aware that industry practice does not always reflect the theory and can apply this proprietary knowledge, gained through extensive experience, when delivering a bespoke solution. 

With a team of bright and energetic developers, who specialise in the UK retail energy sector, coupled with vastly experienced Business Analysts, Evolve is ideally placed to develop bespoke applications or bolt on functionality for energy suppliers and TPIs.


Case Study Example:

The Challenge

A supplier had a requirement to split industry files as they were received through the gateway, sending them to different billing and reporting systems. This involved analysing the file for contents, creating 2 files in its place, flagging exceptions, routing the newly created files and maintaining an audit log. Evolve agreed the requirements and technology to be used (SQL server in this instance). Within weeks testing was being carried out on the solution.

The Results

The final system was deployed on time and on budget. Evolve’s combined understanding of industry methodology, the associated data and the technology required for the solution ensured the team could hit the ground running and deliver a successful outcome.