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There are issues to be faced in the collection and storage of this information, but the interesting challenge is extracting real operational or commercial benefit from this change. Evolve Analytics can help you overcome these challenges and turn the data into actionable insights.

Insight through innovation

Data analytics is the science of examination, discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data through the use of mathematics, statistics, computer programming, econometrics and operational research. Its application involves building Business Intelligence (BI) analysis tools, statistical algorithms and predictive models. The output from this analysis is combined with commercial and industry expertise to create high-value insights. These answer a particular business question or drive business improvements and strategic decisions.

Delivering advantage

We can extract and deliver operational and commercial value beyond the capabilities of basic reporting or traditional consulting.

  • Data on its own is meaningless: basic reporting and interpretation gives you information but analytics gives you actionable insight.
  • Organisations that use real-time insight to drive decisions will have a distinct advantage.
  • Your combination of systems and infrastructure are individual. Analytics needs to be tailored to optimise value to the business.
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3 things you may not know…


We create bespoke analytical solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing operations

We can identify and visualise useful insight for any area of your business

Our industry experience and adaptable nature mean we can deliver what you need…not the nearest available fit

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