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Single Version of the Truth
How can all areas of my business have the same view of our data?
In our experience it is common for different areas of a single complex organisation to report conflicting or anomalous results based on the same data. Removing data errors; material discrepancies; timing, industry and system issues to reveal the single most accurate view of the data possible

A unified business wide understanding of customer consumption has evaded energy Suppliers for years.

Disparate data sources, numerous different timing standards and a mixture of meter point and aggregated data means that without normalising data slight differences at an account/meter level can introduce inaccuracy and inefficiency which have material or operational impacts. By aligning your data at the lowest level possible we correct inherent errors and inaccuracies which are typically obscured by aggregation in traditional reporting.

By combining our understanding of industry operations and our analytical capabilities with best practice consultancy techniques we ensure we deliver one view of your customers consumption designed to answer the needs of your whole business.

3 things you may not know…


We create bespoke analytical solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing operations

We can identify and visualise useful insight for any area of your business

Our industry experience and adaptable nature mean we can deliver what you need…not the nearest available fit

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