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Evolve Analytics is an innovative and collaborative data analytics service provider with a successful track record of collating, cleansing and analysing large data sets to provide benefit for its clients.

Founded in 1998 as Utility Billing and Metering (UBM), the business developed bespoke software to analyse settlement data in the Gas supply market. UBM applied its analytical tools to the industry balancing and settlement systems and metering functions, working with all of the major UK suppliers to correct millions of kWh’s of errors. In 2007, UBM was re-branded as Revenue Assurance Services and was acquired by Spice Group, where the service offering was extended to the Electricity Supply market.

Morrel Consulting was brought into Spice Group in 2008. Morrel was a successful niche business specialising in analysing water industry data to deliver financial and operational performance benefits.

Transformation and combined strength

In December 2010 Spice Plc was acquired by private equity firm Cinven and rebranded to EnServe Group in September 2011. Following the purchase of our parent company, we assessed our core capabilities, infrastructure and IP and refocused them with the “needs of our clients” at the heart. After an intense business transformation process, we developed new products and services and merged Revenue Assurance Services and Morrel Consulting to become Evolve Analytics.

Global growth

Operating principally in the UK, Evolve Analytics and the EnServe Group have a burgeoning international presence in North America, continental Europe and Australasia. The group maintains turnover in excess of 300m p.a

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We create bespoke analytical solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing operations

We can identify and visualise useful insight for any area of your business

Our industry experience and adaptable nature mean we can deliver what you need…not the nearest available fit

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