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We understand the importance of strong, well informed regulation and active consumer and commercial representation. The following organisations are vital to stable, efficient and effective market structures. We therefore maintain strong relationships with these bodies and an active presence on industry working groups.
Consumer Focus
Consumer Focus is the statutory consumer champion for England, Wales and Scotland. Consumer Focus work with consumers, government and a range of commercial organisations to make a difference to consumers’ lives.

ofgem - promoting choice and value
Ofgem’s first priority is the protection of consumers, achieved by promoting competition, regulating the monopoly network companies, managing the reduction of greenhouse gases and ensuring the security of gas and electricity supply.
Ofwat - water today, water tomorrow
Ofwat ensures a good quality service at a fair price by monitoring and comparing the services the companies provide, encouraging competition where it benefits consumers and scrutinising bills and the companies’ costs and investment.

Department of Energy & Climate Change
DECC is the government department responsible for overseeing policy on the Green Deal, protecting vulnerable customers, energy security, climate change and the UK’s energy legacy.


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