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High ethical standards. Low environmental impact.

We’re a company with a conscience. We strive to be a beneficial influence on society and minimise our own and our clients’ impact on the environment.

We regularly review our operating policies regarding our environmental impact and have introduced a number of practical measures internally:

  • Environmentally-conscious computer hardware choices
  • Reduced paper usage
  • Reduction in and recycling of all possible consumables (paper, plastics, printer materials, batteries, etc)
  • Low energy, mains water-integrated drinking water and hot drink solutions.

We are very aware that environmental responsibility is an enormous issue throughout the energy and water production and supply chains. Needless to say we will be seeking to apply analytics to help identify and optimise processes with environmental impact that are of concern to the industry.

Socially responsible

As a company, we take our social responsibilities seriously. We donate to charities both nationally and locally. Many of our employees are regular fundraisers for charities and Evolve Analytics takes a keen interest in supporting these activities. Annually, we look to support both our own and our clients’ charities in a number of ways. If you have any ideas for sponsorship or assistance that we can provide for your company charities please contact us.

Healthy approach to business

We understand that our staff are the most important resource that we have. We endeavour to motivate personal and professional development and ensure that all our employees enjoy a healthy, positive working environment. It is especially important that we are courteous, professional and responsible in our communications as we regularly act as representatives for our clients, with industry parties and consumers.

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We create bespoke analytical solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing operations

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