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Our Clients come in all shapes and sizes because analytics can bring efficiency, understanding and value, whether to the management of five hundred or five million customers. Evolve has provided long term integrated engagements which feed into business-as-usual activity, regular short term solutions that allow clients to concentrate on other priorities, and single instance projects related to internal change, unusual activity or even proving a business case.

We assist clients who operate in a number of different industry functions and across the value chain. They may have a focus on end consumers (industrial and commercial only, domestic only or a mixture), be end consumers themselves, or be service providers to the industry. Our international client base includes:

  • Gas Suppliers
  • Electricity Suppliers
  • Electricity Distribution Businesses
  • Regulated Supply Monopolies
  • Water Production, Distribution and Supply companies
  • Metering Agencies
  • Industry Consumer Bodies
  • Governmental Regulators


Evolve Analytics in action.

Examples of our wider industry contributions include:


Ofgem: continued participation in working groups, responses to consultations and submission of white papers and proposals to provide a different objective perspective on a variety of issues.

Consumer Focus: we aided in the creation of the energy industry’s Confidence Code applied to comparison websites to ensure fair, complete and impartial advice is available. Evolve Analytics provided the annual analytical audits of the comparison engines on all licensed websites.

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3 things you may not know…


We create bespoke analytical solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing operations

We can identify and visualise useful insight for any area of your business

Our industry experience and adaptable nature mean we can deliver what you need…not the nearest available fit

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