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What happened? Why did it happen? What will happen next?

Simple questions? Maybe, but answering them can actually be a surprisingly complex task. You need a specialist.

Evolve Analytics is a specialist analytics house with detailed knowledge of the energy and water sectors. We provide tailored analytics services built upon a deep understanding of the mechanics of the sectors in which our clients operate and the challenges they face today and in the future. We collaborate with our clients to enable the creation of valuable understanding and insight from the data they hold as well as from public domain and industry data. In doing so we can enhance performance via analytics, be it financial or operational, and leave our clients to focus their time and energy on their core reason for being.

Our differentiator

In the complex world of utilities, the application of even the most impressive analytic solutions is difficult and can be ineffective if industry knowledge is not properly embedded. At Evolve Analytics, we have spent years developing an understanding of industry data flows and adapting techniques for interrogating the data. We have the tools and knowledge to work with massive volumes of data securely, quickly and efficiently.

We deploy cutting-edge computer science working in both the relational and non-relational data worlds. We apply advanced statistical analysis know-how. We have a depth of understanding of available software, software integration and analytics delivery models. We combine this broad range of technical knowledge and techniques with deep sector specific knowledge to identify, extract and communicate full benefit from the data. This uniquely potent combination allows us to produce commercial advantage for our clients.

Working with you, for you

‘Enabling Advancement’ is our ultimate goal. We are a flexible, adaptable tool to be employed as our clients require. Point us at your data and articulate your ambition and we can help. If you don’t have the data you need we can help you accumulate it. If you can’t access your data, we can help. If you can’t manage your data, we can help. If you can’t extract value from your data, we can help. Data drives insight. By examining data in a holistic way, using all data sources and analytical tools and techniques available, business decisions can be properly informed without staking the future on statistically invalid samples, assumptions or guesstimates made on aggregated or flawed data.

Completely adaptable

Evolve Analytics is a dynamic data analytics company. We relish new challenges. We thrive on the application and improvement of demonstrable success. Adaptability is core to everything we do. Extensive experience of a diverse range of languages, software platforms, hardware and hosting infrastructures makes us uniquely placed to deliver the method and commercial model ideally suited to your individual situation. We believe we can live up to our ambition of Enabling Advancement.

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3 things you may not know…


We create bespoke analytical solutions that integrate with our clients’ existing operations

We can identify and visualise useful insight for any area of your business

Our industry experience and adaptable nature mean we can deliver what you need…not the nearest available fit

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